Nowadays, businesses use various search engine tools to optimize their website to be ranked high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). But, only a handful of individuals know the intricacies of search engine optimization. Most of them believe that spreading a few keywords across a few websites will do the job, but there’s more to the success of SEO.

It is a fact that businesses must be aware of how to navigate the ins and complexities of organic searches to ensure that their websites or web pages are to be ranked. Here is the requirement for SEO experts to come into play.

Read on to find out what you can regard SEO experts and what qualifications are needed to become one.

What is SEO? And who is an SEO expert?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is taking actions to aid a website or other piece of content naturally in getting a high ranking on search engines.

SEO experts identify ways and strategies for increasing the number of visitors who visit the website, which leads the site to gain a better ranking on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Keyword kings use on-page optimization across websites to ensure that search results are accurate and create a positive user experience. This will help increase leads and traffic to the site and create new avenues to increase the profits and growth of the company.

What exactly does the SEO professional do?

SEO specialists’ responsibilities vary based on whether the individual is working:

  • Digital marketing is a branch of a business
  • A digital marketing agency
  • A client to work as a freelancer

However, the general job description for the vast majority of SEO Specialists consists of the following tasks:

Keyword Research

Despite the new algorithm, every search is based on an initial keyword. An SEO expert conducts keyword research and creates a list of keywords to focus on following their popularity, competitiveness, and relevancy.


It is a different role than the SEO specialist. It encompasses the on-page (refers to SEO-related elements and strategies that focus on improving the performance of aspects of the site that are within the control of the website) as well as off-page (refers to SEO-related aspects and strategies aimed at marketing the brand or website on the internet) SEO optimization.

Link Building

A significant part of the SEO specialist’s job is to find opportunities for other websites to link to the company’s website and to know another site’s opinions.

URL Building

An SEO specialist can also assist in creating unique URLs for sources that allow them to pinpoint precisely where the traffic is coming from.

Other responsibilities that an SEO specialist include:

  • Collaboration on behalf of the team responsible for web development to ensure that SEO practices are followed for website content.
  • We are monitoring the performance days of the website by using different SEO tools to analyze the effectiveness of SEO strategies.
  • We are working with other teams in the department of marketing to develop SEO strategies.
  • I was making suggestions for content creation under SEO goals.
  • Web analytics assess the website’s traffic and suggest changing the content to provide the best user experience.

What are the skills required to become An SEO Professional?

To become a successful SEO specialist, One should possess the following abilities:

Competency in SEO Tools

An SEO specialist should be knowledgeable of tools such as Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, SEMRush, MOZ, Excel, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. The skills gained with these tools can help with keyword analysis, anticipating the traffic on websites, and creating reports.

Analyzing skills

Knowledge of analytics lets an SEO expert evaluate the results of campaigns and conduct strategic assessments, including choosing keywords to achieve higher rankings or determining the cause of the drop in ranking.

Research Skills

SEO specialists should have excellent research skills because they often search for the best keywords, innovative strategies for campaigns, and the most current information regarding search engine technology.

Basic Coding Skills for Coding

A basic understanding of programming (HTML as well CSS) and the related technologies aids in understanding the website’s source code and its functions.

Communication Skills

Communication is a vital necessity for every SEO expert. They need to communicate effectively with team members to communicate complex concepts, ensure an efficient workflow, ensure timely project delivery, and provide reports on analysis to upper management.

Skills in Website Analysis

It is a crucial expertise to be an SEO expert. They will be expected to analyze a site’s performance to decide the steps to follow. SEO specialists must examine organic traffic, rank SEO, optimizations, and keywords to determine the most effective solution.

What is the average salary an SEO specialist makes?

The salary of an unemployed SEO specialist in India starts at around Rs 2 Lakhs and can go up to $9 Lakhs. The median annual pay rate is approximately four Lakhs (Source). The amount of money earned can vary based on the company or agency.

Other variables that affect the salary include:

  • Education Qualification
  • Many years of experience
  • Skills
  • Location of the business

How do I begin a career with SEO as an SEO Expert?

The primary prerequisite is a degree or certificate in business, information technology marketing, or similar areas. Anyone with the qualifications and experience can begin working as an SEO specialist.

You can also gain these skills through the help of a certificate course. You don’t have to be present in class. You can enroll in online courses in digital marketing from any place.

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You can join Emeritus India for digital marketing-related classes to acquire practical SEO knowledge and receive training to bring you an edge over your competitors in your professional career.

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