What is SEO? Find out about SEO, explanations, establish the best keywords, planning and material creation stages, and website optimization to the decision-making process from the results of information evaluation in this discussion.

With this page, clubs expectations to be part of your learning process about any of its Marketing routes with the lowest exchange charge, which can be SEO (Search Motor Optimization).

That online description about SEO was created to ensure it is clear to see the main aspects of SEO Marketing.

That optimization is COMPLEX, has lots of METRICS, and constantly changing. By way of an extended dedication to the SEO subject, cmlabs’specialists will reveal the processes that individuals have now been through to develop a good understanding.

Important note this material may be suited to newcomers and mid-level. If you are an enhanced expert in SEO, let’s talk about this together in the remarks section.

What is SEO?

SEO represents Search Motor Optimization, or in Bahasa is Optimiasi Mesin Telus. The research motors are Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

In a simple classification, SEO’s work is the training to increase the standard and quantity of web traffic.

Like the language “research engine,” the medium used to increase quality and volume is the goal of customers who use research engines. SEO is thus well-liked by everyday marketing or standard search.

In Indonesia, we’re knowledgeable about the Bing research engine. Besides Bing, there are also Google from Microsoft, Yahoo, which can be one of the earliest research motors and however used, Yandex, which can be prevalent in Russia, or Baidu, which can be popular in China, and many more.

Nevertheless, you will need to optimize Bing as a high priority. This is because of how many Bing customers meet any research engine that you can reach more of your audience through this research engine.

After getting to know this is of SEO, next, we will examine the types of SEO, the benefits of SEO, how SEO works, and SEO from a more significant viewpoint, namely, Marketing Channel.

Types of SEO

Generally, the training in Search Motor Optimization (SEO) is divided into three types: on-page, off-page, and technical. A complete description of the types of SEO is as follows:


On-page SEO is one of the methods of optimizing material efficiency on a company website that’s usually utilized by material marketing. Like that, the website may produce quality material and generate more traffic.

Some types of on-page optimization are keyword study, employing a keyword distribution technique, optimizing metadata, doing inner relating, and others. Understand the complete solution to maximize your material through our on-page SEO guide.


Off-page SEO is an optimization training that’s moved out from outside the website, often requiring support from another website or platform. Most readily useful methods in off-page optimization contain link building, promotion through social media marketing, to using online forums. Please find out more about off-page SEO optimization within our off-page SEO guide.


Specialized SEO is an optimization training that aims to aid the creeping process moved out by research engines. Technical training is helpful to ensure that the creeping process can be moved out properly without problems.

SEO Advantages

Website optimization for research motors has been established to supply many advantages for the business. From providing regular traffic to increasing transformation potential. A few of the benefits of SEO are as follows:

  • Optimizing website efficiency on research motors
  • Give a good consumer experience
  • Increase brand attention
  • Getting in more normal trips
  • Make leads
  • Boost the prospect of transformation
  • Get long-term organization development
  • How SEO Performs

Since it is famous that Search Motor Optimization (SEO) is the training in optimizing website efficiency on research engines. Research motors have three main functions: creeping, indexing, and ranking.

Crawling is a process moved out by research motors to examine all material on the internet. While indexing is holding and managing material found through the creeping process. Next, research motors will rank material from the absolute most relevant to the user’s research question to the smallest amount applicable.

Release of Marketing Route

Release: because it’s community material, everyone, regardless of age, background knowledge, and other related things, may study this. Thus, we consider providing an appropriate release for all the re

Please note that the term Marketing Route might differ, particularly for today’s generation and the prior ones. Let’s contact the internet and the traditional age. The marketing Route for the conventional form is usually referred to as Distribution Channel.

Below this classification, you want to stress that they are different. The marketing Route we examine here describes the internet form, such as, for example, social media marketing, websites, research motors, etc.


The compensated route is a marketing route that requires website homeowners to cover a specific amount for every visit they get from promotion campaigns. Some paid SEO channels are as follows:

  • Social Press Marketing
  • Search Motor Marketing
  • On line Boards
  • On line Author


An organic route is a kind of marketing route that will not demand a charge for every single visit that the website or software has successfully obtained. The training is usually done by generating quality material to draw visitors organically.

A number of the media that are areas of the regular SEO route are:

  • Social Press
  • Search Engines
  • Websites
  • On line Boards

When do You Need SEO?

An essential subject at this time is Demand. Need in SEO is related to a gathered variety of groups of keywords. For instance, if you wish to purchase a phone, you “may” begin to search using these lists of keywords:

For instance, when you are planning to get a cellphone, then you are prone to begin exploring with the following keywords:

  • Situation 1, you don’t know which solution to get
  • Point 1, “iphone with price about 10 million.”
  • Point 2, “iphone 7 versus iphone 7 plus.”
  • Point 3, “buy iphone 7 plus.”
  • Situation 2, you have determined which solution to get
  • Point 1, “buy iphone 11.”
  • Point 2 (option 1), “iphone 11 deals May 2020.”
  • Point 2 (option 2), “iphone 11 to***edia.”
  • Point 2 (option 3), “iphone 11 sh***e.”

With the case above, you’ll notice that the User’s Journey can be varied. We only give a little chance at the overall level.

As a manager of a brand name or solution, at this point, you realize that you’ll need a website that catches your potential consumer’s needs. Thus, you can now begin producing a website and optimizing research motors or SEO Google.

Need To Improve On Your Own?

We believe you already have a website. The first faltering step is that you simply need optimization in the beginning and learn more about keywords. We provide SEO Terms and SEO Recommendations to assist you in optimizing your website.

An SEO keyword is just a keyword used by customers to get unique answers. If related to brand and solution, the estimated answer is just a solution your customers need.

Here are some measures you will need to get before increasing your SEO efficiency:

  • Understand the problem of your potential consumers,
  • Find out the issues they’ve relating to your services and products,
  • Develop a website/blog article to recapture the questions,
  • Work optimization if your material has not yet appeared on the Bing page,
  • Monitor customer activity using accessible tools (ex., Bing Analytics),
  • Have more perception of checking tools pinned on your website,
  • Repeat stages 4-6 until your website appears on Google.

The 2nd stage is to understand how to construct content. There are various types of materials that can be used. Nevertheless, finding the proper material form for the online organization and solution sales target is essential.

Then, how to create supreme-quality material? You can learn more through the SEO-friendly article publishing manual and follow the critical periods in material publishing on the club’s blog.

Then the next stage is to discover a distribution channel. There are a few Distribution Stations that need to know, like websites, social media marketing, e-commerce websites, online writers, and other channels that give lots of navigation to the website.

Inside our study case, that’s for SEO, let’s give attention to building material and releasing this content into the website so the material can be discovered by research motors Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

About SEO Guide

Ultimately, a brand name or a company wants its staff to optimize research motors to help you give attention to your business development.


We cooperate with agencies to guide the need of the client’s material and copywriting.


I am writing explanations of products/brands, web pages, and category pages utilizing SEO.


I am developing a few ideas and producing material on the enterprise degree to attract consumers effortlessly.


We are promoting the electronic writer and material marketing targetted to the best readers.

We understand if you wish to have your staff, but SEO authorities today, especially in Indonesia, aren’t so many yet. You will need a long time frame when having a small team of only 2-3 people if they are, however, at entry-level. Your company may also require additional time for education.

You’ll also need an income process and a brand new class in the marketing division. That would have been a lengthier and more complex process. At this point, you will need support from a specialist SEO consultant.

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