It’s the perfect opportunity to consider how you can take the human-centric aspect of any digital plan.

The month of August was when Google announced the Helpful Content Update, which could potentially alter the SEO market environment for all marketers. The update was bittersweet for a few. On the one hand, many easy methods for ranking well in search results might no longer be effective. Marketers are forced to change some of the older, reliable, but occasionally suspect SEO methods. However, If you’ve always emphasized high-quality content, this change shouldn’t be a problem for the marketing department.

The gist of Google’s recent SEO update is this If you had been doing SEO from the beginning, the update would not be a problem. It could have been beneficial to you. The changes made by this update are focused on reducing the noise generated by writing using technology in mind, not people. Pages that previously scored well in SEO, relying on unsatisfactory or useless content, can no longer outperform your efforts if you’re creating work with your clients’ needs in the back of your mind.


At its heart, SEO is people-centric work- discovering what people are searching for to provide the information they’re looking for. The current trend in the SEO area is to associate top-performing content with high-ranking ones, not content that can connect with your clients. While establishing a solid technical base is essential, identifying the keywords performing well and then throwing them into a pile of nonsense won’t help anyone. In the wake of this change, it’s more difficult to be noticed by them.

Implementing a solid SEO method is anticipating your client’s requirements and investing in high-quality content. Investing in content is whether you’re a small company person familiar with your industry sufficiently to create your own content or a large company which can engage an agency to manage the effort. Writing compelling, relevant articles that expand your keywords with sufficient information to answer questions from your customers can help them connect with your brand while increasing the chance of your content being highly ranked on Google.

You can determine how your people are searching for your products by simply searching for them yourself and then analyzing relevant questions in your searches. If you can understand the search results, you will be able to identify certain areas and keywords you could expand into. Using these keywords effectively is vital to help support your content strategy by providing an established technical base.


Suppose you and a rival each publish general content frequently. In that case, however, your competitor is aware of the technical aspects of SEO more than you, they’ll likely get higher rankings than you. With the latest update, If you concentrate on ensuring that your content is more relevant, it could rank higher than your competition.

There are many technical SEO issues you must deal with in your organic marketing. There are clear guidelines that make the technical aspect of SEO quite easy. Google gives you the information they’re looking for when you’re willing to read its guidelines. Navigating your SEO strategy following the update will determine if you’re creating top-quality content beneficial to the final user.

Achieving technical excellence is always important. Teams struggling with this aspect of SEO can leverage a range of analytical tools and research tools to ease their technical burden. Google comes with built-in analytics tools with easy-to-follow directions, making it an ideal alternative for businesses that are just beginning to develop an organized SEO strategy. Using this foundation to find technologies that might be more appropriate to your business is possible.


The internet may evolve into the metaverse, or an alternative vision of the digital realm is clear that the need of customers to connect with companies will not change. Google continues to modify its algorithm to provide users with the most relevant, top-quality results. You can reap the SEO rewards by adjusting your approach to customers instead of technology. This is a good time to consider what you can do to adopt a human-centred approach to your online strategy.

Anyone can research the SEO strategies of Google and provide basic material that’s likely to be ranked. If you want to be noticed and rise to the top spot in results for the search, then you must create content that stands out from other competitors. The ability to create well-optimized content in the nick of time isn’t as easy nowadays, but simply dumping optimized material into the online space was never the full possibility of organic advertising. The true value of organic marketing is being able to present your brand online through thoughtful, customer-focused content. And it is still doing so.

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