There’s no doubt about the importance of online reviews from customers regardless of whether you’re selling products or services. It is well-known that people are influenced by their family, friends, or even strangers for reviews and advice about products and services. People trust the reputation of their friends and family members. The Internet is where we look up information before buying. So what we read on the Internet can influence the likelihood of someone buying from us.

The Internet is making information accessible. There are apps that let us scan barcodes and receive instant feedback. We would like to hear what people are saying about your company and brand.

Reviews aren’t just good for your customers, but they are also beneficial to have a good online presence overall. Online reviews have increased influence on the results of search engines as well as have the potential to significantly impact the position of your website in search results and search results, particularly when it comes to local results. Studies have shown that user reviews can boost the rate of people clicking through for your site and can be utilized to strengthen your geographical ranking, and that’s why they can boost the local ranking. Review sites that have visibility is an important factors that search engines look for and use in their algorithms to assess your importance in the local marketplace.

With all the above, can you consider that only 23 percent of people had ever written any kind of online review or a rating? The majority of reviews are focused on negative reviews since the majority of consumers believe it’s crucial to have their voices heard.

Reviews aren’t only beneficial for companies, but they can be beneficial to customers too.

What can you do to change this? We’re aware that people look for information. However, they aren’t finding the information they want to discover. So how do you help encourage customer or product reviews?

Prior to that, you must ensure that all of your profiles on the most popular review websites like

  • YelpGoogle+ Local
  • Yahoo! Local Listings
  • Foursquare
  • Merchant Circle
  • Angie’s List

After you’ve completed your profile, you must think about ways to build connections with your customers that will encourage them to provide reviews as well as become your brand’s ambassador. Below are a few concepts to consider by implementing:

  • Contact the reviewer. Are you asking for reviews? It is possible to request a review on your website by email, phone, or perhaps the more traditional method of posting a card or card with a message asking to review your business. I’m shocked by how few companies solicit reviews from their customers or an endorsement.
  • Make them aware of How to Leave a Review. If you look at the statistics, you’ll be shocked by the number of customers who don’t understand the importance of reviews for organizations in the present. Design a single-page template or a How-to tutorial to educate the customers on how they can leave feedback and how it should be published.
  • Personal Touch: If you don’t want to automate your process. If it’s not needed, then why not just send an individual email to request a review? Most customers these days don’t have the personal touch, particularly when conducting business on the Internet.
  • Make use of a tool such as ReviewBiz This tool is cost-free and is a fantastic method to make it simple for users to review well-known websites. Though it’s an approach that’s passive but it’s a breeze.
  • Set up a review station: Do you own an office with bricks and mortar? What better way to set up an area for review that has a laptop that allows users to write their reviews each time they visit?
  • Take note that some review sites may penalize reviewers for having their reviews posted using the same IP address.
  • Ask for Help: There are outsourcing options that notify your customers on behalf of your benefit. Some companies offering the service include DemandForce, CustomerLobby, and PowerReviews.
  • Quick reminder: Include an instruction for review in your purchase. There is no better time to receive feedback than when you’ve exceeded expectations in getting the order out to a client faster than they had anticipated.
  • Give an incentive: Consider it as a last resort. Most customers write a review with no incentive. But sometimes, the incentive will motivate customers to take action quickly and post the review. It is important to conduct the right thing so that you are able to offer discounts, coupons, or even a gift card. However, you shouldn’t condition the offer to a positive rating.
  • Respond to Reviews: If you are the recipient of a bad review, you should respond publicly and resolve the issue. This shows you’re paying attention and are engaged, which can frequently encourage reviews. If you receive a favorable review, be sure to thank them.
  • Email Signature What number of emails do you distribute in a single every day? How many emails does your firm send out every day? Add a link to a review in your email signature, and you’ll be shocked at the number of people who use this feature.

Marketing is a subject that there is a lot we can take a lesson from businesses that are doing the job effectively. It’s the same in the case of reviews from customers. One business that stands out to me as one that excels at acquiring reviews is Amazon. Check out the strategy they employ and see if there is anything you can incorporate into your company that could aid in gaining more reviews.

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