What are keywords in SEO?

Keywords in SEO are the words and phrases on your web pages that allow users to discover your website through a Search Engine.

Short tail keywords and long tail keywords. short tail keywords

Long tail keywords – These words comprise more than three words. For example, Software Company in Delhi, Best SEO Company in Delhi.

A short tail- Keyword if trying to get a large number of people to your website, then you must use short keyword phrases. Examples are Low-cost Flights, Car Insurance.

Keyword Research For SEO

Types Of Keywords

Exact Match Keyword- Exact Match Keyword Exact Match Keyword refers to a Google AdWords keywords coordinate compose, which allows you to show your advertisement whenever a user uses the correct term or phrase you are providing on. SEO Company in Delhi

Broad Match Keywords – Broad Match allows a keyword to cause your ad to display every time someone searches for the keyword, related phrases, plural or singular spellings, misspellings and synonyms or related terms (such for SEO Company In Delhi and SEO Company Delhi ), similar searches, and any other associated variations.

Phrase Match Keywords: A keyword option that only allows your advertisement to show when the search results include the exact wording of your keyword or similar to the same phrase of your keyword and additional words before or after. The term that matches the expression “SEO Package” could cause your ad to display if someone searches for “SEO Package, “SEO Package,” and “SEO Reviews of a Package.”

The Best Tool for Keyword Research

  • Keyword Planner Google AdWordsWordStream Free Keyword Tool
  • Wordtracker Scout
  • Keywords In

Your SEO Keywords Are Working for You

  • keywords within the name of the web page
  • Keywords in the URL
  • keywords in meta tags
  • Keywords within the Heading Tag
  • Keywords within Alt Text
  • Keywords in Image Name
  • Keywords used in the Content

Keyword density – To calculate the keyword density for a phrase using the formula where Nwp is the number of words that make up the phrase. So, for instance, in the case of a Six-hundred-word website about SEO companies in Delhi in which ” SEO Company is located in Delhi” is mentioned 5 times on the page, then the concentration is (5*4/600)*100 (or 3.33 per cent.

Be aware of search penalty penalties. There are three or two things to avoid when promoting your website for keywords, and be mindful of the corresponding slow SEO that a handful of users (mind-bogglingly) continue to use.

  • Don’t hide keywords.
  • Beware of keyword stuffing.

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