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The Importance of GMB Verification for Local SEO

Modern-day consumers turn to Google when they need to find a local product or service. But without having your own verified GMB listings proximal to the location of the individual making the search request, the odds of your site or business showing up is slim to none. One of Google’s most important rankings signals for local search is the geographic location of the user compared to the address of the verified GMB listing.

Which is one reason why having more GMB locations in an area is highly advantageous. Yet, most businesses only have one (if any) locations in all of the areas they wish to compete in.

Which is why getting multiple GMBs approved and verified is such an effective strategy. For those SEO professionals and business owners that understand this tactic, they stand to both outpace and outperform the competition, showing up and ranking for multiple locations at the same time.

GMB Verified Listing – Get Your Google My Business Listing

Quick Notes:

  • The minimum order quantity is 5
  • We can only do Non-Spammy categories.
  • There may be other niches and other countries but we won’t know until we try them!
  • We also offer discounts for bulk gigs! Drop us a PM.
  • 100% Verified GMB listings made to last
  • Gmail Account Included
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  • 7 Days Listing Guarantee.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

All we need from you is Company Name, Phone Number, Hours of Operation, City Name, Category, and LIVE URL.

No refunds will be made once you place the order because we are doing B2B and can’t afford refunds due to the presence of a third party. If you are not satisfied with this policy, then we discourage you to place orders.

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